Top interior design trends 2018-2019

A few pictures from the photo collection of an important event in the field of interior design – the annual exhibition Salone del Mobile Milano. It represents a wide variety of products for the organization of modern interior space. One of the objectives of the exhibition is to highlight the top interior design trends that will direct the development vector of the field. In this selection there are a few typical solutions that united conceptual offers of many exhibitors:
– Retro style, which gains inspiration from interiors of the 60’s and 70’s in terms of bold, vivid combinations of colors, textures.
– Large indoor plants, which contribute to the development of a comfortable environment.
– Shades of green, pink colors (e.g. dusty green, dusty pink), as well as terracotta in the design of objects and walls.
– Metal constructions in furniture, especially in kitchen and bathroom contents.